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Isaiah 60:1

Saturday, November 9, 2013

china hutch

Over the summer I was at home visiting family during my birthday.  I've always loved the idea of eventually finding a china hutch and painting it a vintage white or blue.  My mom and I did a lot of thrift shopping during this visit.  No, seriously.  A LOT.  And one day we were at St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store (it was probably the 3rd or 4th time we were there since I got there) and their furniture was 50% off!  I found this awesome hutch for a great deal and so my parents got it for me for my birthday!

I knew I would want to paint it a different color.  Since my parents have a garage and I don't, I knew I had to paint it before we would leave for Texas.  I debated on off white or blue and eventually went with blue.  Not that it's in our home I wish the hutch was off white...but oh well.

Here's the hutch taken apart in my parents' garage.  I spent time cleaning it and sanding it.

It took three coats to get it fully covered.  I thought the bottom of the hutch would be easier to paint versus the top of the hutch, but boy was I wrong.

Finished.  Unfortunately we couldn't fit the top and bottom in our car...so we brought the bottom of the hutch in July and my parents brought the top of the hutch in October.  So I had to wait a full 3 months to get my birthday present :)

All complete.

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