"Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the LORD rises upon you."

Isaiah 60:1

Monday, February 21, 2011

song of the week

set a fire.

there's no place i would rather be than here in Your love.

i redesigned my blog

I was bored yesterday and I felt like being creative. So I redesigned my blog. I really like it!

I added some widgets including the "Labels" widget....which I'm not exactly sure how it works. But I will figure it out.

steak, my favorite

Last night we made steak! With potatoes on the side.

It was delicious.

Sunday, February 20, 2011


We had an annoying problem. On the weekends we sleep in until at least 8:00 or 9:00 (yeah I know, but it's sleeping in compared to waking up at 6:00 when it is still dark outside), but by 7:30 it's getting bright outside and the light would come in through our blinds and shine in our bedroom. That wakes me up. So for the past few months, on the weekends, we would take a quilt and hang it over our window and block the light out.

I decided the tackiness needed to come to an end!

I researched curtains that block out the light, we went to Walmart, and hung curtains that block the light out wonderfully!! No more having to hang the quilt over the window every Friday night....

Thanks Rollin for all your hard work!

The bedroom looks nice and classy!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

celebrating valentine's day

It took 3 attempts at celebrating Valentine's Day.

1st Attempt: Well it really wasn't an attempt. Last Wednesday February 11th, Rollin and I were planning to go to Madden's (we had a gift certificate). We said that would be part of our 8 months of marriage and Valentine's Day celebration. I asked Rollin to make reservations, but he decided not to because he didn't think there would be a lot of people going out to eat on a Wednesday night. We drove to Madden's at 6:00 to find out that Madden's wasn't open. Then on the drive back Rollin and I argued about who was right and who was wrong about calling ahead of time. I argued that I was right because if Rollin had called to make reservations we would have found out that Madden's wasn't open on a Wednesday night. We agreed that Rollin was completely wrong and that I was partly right (I asked him to call to make reservations so that we wouldn't have to wait, not to check if it was open). We ended up going to Carino's and then renting "Inception" and watching that.

But since we didn't go to Madden's, I didn't could that as REALLY celebrating Valentine's Day. So I asked (insisted maybe...) that we should celebrate Valentine's Day ON Valentine's Day. There was a lack of communication because Rollin was quite confused. Yet, I kept saying "Can we do something special? I made you a present, are you going to get me one?" I wanted to do something special and out of the ordinary.

2nd Attempt: This was on Valentine's Day. Rollin had planned to get salmon and we'd made green beans and mashed potatoes with it and then rent the movie "Wallie" for us to watch. Rollin left to go "get stuff" at 5:15....secretly inside my hopes and expectations were rising that Rollin was going to surprise me and we'd do something special. He was gone a while which made my hope rise more and more. He walked in a 6:00 with a McDonald's sweet tea and sat on the couch looking sad. Since I love sweet tea he went to get me sweet tea while running to get Apparently he had many mishaps happen on his outing. It took him forever to get from McDonald's to HEB and when he finally got to HEB they didn't have toe sockeye salmon we like! Crushed, Rollin came home.

Inside I was really disappointed. I cried and Rollin was sad. We talked about everything. We realized there was a lot of miscommunication and Rollin felt obligation and pressure. I realized that I was confused about what I really wanted our Valentine's celebration to be. Part of it is that Rollin and I are still learning each other's love languages. Since that day we've discovered that one of Rollin's love languages is quality time and one of mine is gifts!

We ended up spending time with the Lord and going to bed early. It turned out all right :) And we decided that we would celebrate Valentine's Friday evening (February 18th) and go to Madden's.

3rd Attempt: Friday February 18th. We went to Madden's for DELICIOUS FOOD!

We got all dressed up...

Outside our apartment complex

At Madden's.

Our appetizer. It was something crab. Really tasty.

Rollin got the special. Hawaiian sea bass!

I got a beef tenderloin. It was the best steak I've probably ever had.

Then we came home and exchanged gifts. I made Rollin three coupons: 1 coupon for a scalp massage, 1 coupon for a back scratch. And 1 coupon for a massage. Rollin got me the COLLECTOR'S EXTENDED EDITION of AVATAR!

We are learning how to love each other.

Friday, February 4, 2011

the tree

I redecorated the wall going up the stairs in our apartment. I re-framed the six poems that Rollin wrote me for our six months dating anniversary. I was taking pictures of how I redecorated and got our two big windows in the picture. Then I noticed how beautifully the sun was making a glow against the window blinds and that you could see the shadow of the big tree outside those windows.

There is something beautiful, mysterious, and prophetic about these pictures of that tree. I just don't know what yet.