"Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the LORD rises upon you."

Isaiah 60:1

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Apostolic Passion

Rollin and I are taking a class this semester called "Perspectives on the World Christian Movement."  It's every Monday evening from 7 to 10 at night.  Each week they bring in different speakers, which is so awesome to be able to hear from such a variety of pastors and missionaries.  This class has been so eye-opening and has changed the way I view God, the Bible, and my life.

There is a textbook that comes along with the course and each week we are assigned readings.  I just finished reading one of the articles called "Apostolic Passion" by Floyd McClung and wanted to share some excerpts from it because I thought it was fantastic and convicting.

The first paragraph of the article:

'The term "passion" is used to describe everything from romance to hunger pangs.  I don't know what it means to you, but for me passion means whatever a person is willing to suffer for.  In fact, that's the root meaning of the word.  It comes from the Latin paserre, to suffer.  It is what you hunger for so intensely that you will sacrifice anything to have it.  He word "apostle" means a sent one, a messenger.  "Apostolic passion," therefore, is a deliberate, intentional choice to live for the worship of Jesus in the nations.  It has to do with being committed to the point of death to spreading His glory.  It's the quality of those who are on fire for Jesus, who dream of the whole earth being covered with the glory of the Lord.'

'I know when apostolic passion has died in my heart.  It happens when I don't spend my quiet time dreaming of the time when Jesus will be worshiped in languages that aren't yet heard in heaven.  I know it's missing from my life when I sing about heaven, but live as if earth is my home.  Apostolic passion is dead in my heart when I dream more about sports, toys, places to go and people to see, than I do about the nations worshiping Jesus.'

Um...wow...do I dream of the whole earth being covered with the glory of the Lord...to the point that I am willing to die for it?

Here's some more:

'We live in a world of competing passions.  If we do not die to self and fill our lives with the consuming passion of the worship of God in the nations, we will end up with other passions.'

And lastly:

'If you have apostolic passion, you are one of the most dangerous people on the planet.  The world no longer rules your hear.  You are no longer seduced by getting and gaining but devoted to spreading and proclaiming the glory of God in the nations.  You live as a pilgrim, unattached to the cares of this world.  You are not afraid of loss.  You even dare to believe you may be given the privilege of dying to spread His fame on the earth.'

Wow.  I am afraid of loss.  The thought of martyrdom scares me.  But Jesus does give me hope because I know he can change me and change my heart.  And that has been my prayer today.

If you want to read the full article you can read it on the author's blog here!

Saturday, November 9, 2013

china hutch

Over the summer I was at home visiting family during my birthday.  I've always loved the idea of eventually finding a china hutch and painting it a vintage white or blue.  My mom and I did a lot of thrift shopping during this visit.  No, seriously.  A LOT.  And one day we were at St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store (it was probably the 3rd or 4th time we were there since I got there) and their furniture was 50% off!  I found this awesome hutch for a great deal and so my parents got it for me for my birthday!

I knew I would want to paint it a different color.  Since my parents have a garage and I don't, I knew I had to paint it before we would leave for Texas.  I debated on off white or blue and eventually went with blue.  Not that it's in our home I wish the hutch was off white...but oh well.

Here's the hutch taken apart in my parents' garage.  I spent time cleaning it and sanding it.

It took three coats to get it fully covered.  I thought the bottom of the hutch would be easier to paint versus the top of the hutch, but boy was I wrong.

Finished.  Unfortunately we couldn't fit the top and bottom in our car...so we brought the bottom of the hutch in July and my parents brought the top of the hutch in October.  So I had to wait a full 3 months to get my birthday present :)

All complete.

Friday, September 27, 2013

desk lamp makeover

I upgraded our old office lamp with a new and colorful one.  I must say, making over a lamp is one of my favorite craft projects to do!  It's fun going thrift shopping and finding an old junky looking lamp that with a little spray paint makes it look sooooooooooooooo cool!  

Our office desk with the old brown and boring lamp.

Found this baby at Goodwill.  The key is finding a lamp with beautiful curves like this one.  With spray paint  the curves pop out!

I was first thinking about spray painting it white...and then I decided to go with light blue because the lamp shade I got is gray and the gray looked nice with the light blue.  

I ran into a dilemma when I was spray painting the lamp with the white.  It was sooooooo humid outside today and I know you're not supposed to spray paint in high humidity.  I didn't care...until after I spray painted the first coat of white spray paint.  The spray paint was drying into chalky substance that was rubbing off.   Then I realized why you shouldn't spray paint in high humidity.  But I was still determined to finish the project.  So after each coat of spray painting it outside, I brought it inside to dry off in the air conditioned environment (but I did open a window and have a fan blowing on it).  I know it's not ideal...but I am so impatient that I couldn't wait, I had to finish this!  

This color turned out really nice.  And it shows off the curves and ripples of the lamp base.

With the lamp shade!

Finished product.  

The lamp in its new home.  It goes well with my fabric covered cork board!