"Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the LORD rises upon you."

Isaiah 60:1

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

reflecting on my teaching

Right now I am sitting at my desk in my classroom, watching my students in 1st period take their test. It's been a long year. I think back to the first day of school having my students come in 1st period. The class has changed so much as students have left and new students have come. The fall semester was extremely challenging. I was thrown into a pool of sharks--that's the best way to describe a teacher's first year of teaching. I can't believe how much easier teaching got as the spring semester started. I learned so much just in the fall.

I have 102 students right now. Actually I have 101 students right now. I found out one of my students withdrew yesterday. It made me sad when I found out why. There are definitely a handful of those 101 students that I have trouble enjoying having as students. There are times when some of them just really annoy me. But I still love them, which is odd. I love all 101 of my students.

I love that student that I have to write referrals on because of behavior issues and when he skips my class. I love that student I have who started out being hardworking in class and now skips class occasionally with her boyfriend. I love that student that sometimes cannot control her temper and starts yelling at another student in class making me remove the student and write a referral. I love the student who almost everyday comes into my room after school just to walk in and laugh a little and then leaves. I love the student who doesn't know how to sit quietly during notes, making me write multiple detentions. I love the student that asks if they can go to the restroom EVERYDAY, even when all of their restroom passes are used up.

I am going to miss these students. I am going to miss each class and how each class has a totally different personality because of the variety of personalities of my students. Especially my 7th period. Boy, does 7th period have A LOT of personality! Recently, I have noticed that at the beginning of some of my classes I will just sit and watch them and enjoy who they are.

It's scary thinking that in a little over three months I have to start all over again with new students. I know eventually I will get to know them and like them. But the beginning of the year is just hard. I wish I could follow the students I have no and have them next year too. And watch them grow.

Yay for teaching! My job really isn't teaching. I mean I teach them Algebra. But my job really is to work with young teenagers. I like it, as tiring as it is...


  1. Mary Ann ReandeauMay 11, 2011 at 7:45 PM

    Great reflections, Rachel! Sounds like you have learned so much this year, and all your trials and tribulations have resulted in abundant blessings. These students are blessed to have you as a teacher, and I'm blessed to have you as my very special niece!

    Mary Ann

  2. Yay for learning a ton the first year working a new job! I feel like my first year has been mostly, "Well now I know what to do next time."

    Those students are lucky to have a teacher that loves them.