"Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the LORD rises upon you."

Isaiah 60:1

Saturday, November 27, 2010


i have to tell you about my new friend, vinny. vinny is my husband's parent's neighbor's dog. rollin's parents live in a semi-rural area where the neighbors have "outside" dogs. by "outside" dogs i mean that they stay outside all of the time and usually wander around the neighborhood during the day. these pets always go to their owner's home where they have a reliable source of food and water. vinny likes to come by rollin's parent's house a lot during the day where he just sits on their porch (i think because he finds affection there since his neighbors are not home a lot). since the last year that i have been visiting rollin's parents i have seen vinny here and there.

let me tell you about vinny. he is half-black lab and half-pitbull. being half-pitbull, this dog is a BEAST! his neck his thick and muscular. this is one powerful dog that is made to kill. but vinny is the kindest and gentlest dog EVER. i've never heard him growl. he's like a faithful and loyal friend. i definitely bonded with vinny this weekend at rollin's parents house. every morning when we opened the door to go outside, there he was sitting in the sun on the porch. if you go for a walk, vinny ALWAYS comes with. he leads the pack. he walks 50 yards ahead of you...but once you have to turn around and he sees that you are turning around, he runs back to you to lead you in the other direction.

i wish i could take vinny home with me. there's something really cool about a dog that is so strong and powerful, yet so gentle and friendly. vinny's my new friend.

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